The Start of Year Six

I'm determined that this is the last time I write a blog called "The Start of Year..." and I'm sure you'll all be happy when I no longer have to write that. If I knew six years ago what I know now, I wouldn't have started this process. What is done is done and hopefully... Continue Reading →

A Year of Inventory

We're at the end of another year and what a year it was. We saw a huge and much needed movement for social justice brought to the forefront, we experienced a heated and controversial presidential election, California lost millions of acres due to wild fires, and oh yeah, that COVID thing. Whew! I think just... Continue Reading →

Another Bump in the Road

Just when I thought we were cruising along, we hit a big bump in the road. Ugh! Another one. My patience is running really thin. Little man has been with me for 20 months now and every month we have the routine monthly social worker check-in. A week and a half ago the social worker... Continue Reading →

The Toilet

The's a whole new world for little man. No, he's not potty training, yet he's finding everything possible to put in it. Over the last few days he's tried to see if snacks float in the toilet, he's tried to see if glasses help you see better once they've been submerged in toilet water,... Continue Reading →

A Year and a Half

Little man is already a year and a half and it's been amazing to see how much he has grown. He is no longer a little baby. He's now a very determined, vocal, and energetic little boy. The world seems to be turning upside down and right way up and then upside down again on... Continue Reading →

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