Happy 1st Birthday, Little One

Today is a difficult day. It is filled with bittersweet emotions of being sad, angry, thankful, and the reality of adoption. It was a  a year ago today that the little baby girl that was supposed to be my daughter was born. I didn’t know she was born and only found out when she was... Continue Reading →

The Homestudy

Do you love your home as much as I love mine? I hope so. For me, home is a safe place. It's comfortable. It's where I can put my feet up on the coffee table, watch some Food Network show and have my dog cuddled up on the couch with me. It's where I entertain... Continue Reading →

Giving Your Child to Another

Before I started the adoption process, I thought that birth moms were teenagers, they accidentally got pregnant, they had no goals in life, were irresponsible, didn't care about their baby/babies and that adoption was the easy path for them. Having been on the adoption journey for 2 1/2 plus years, I now know that that... Continue Reading →

Baby T

I spent Saturday with friends whom I adore. Totally awesome, laid back, cool, fun...just awesome people! I was at their wedding five years ago and it was nothing but love.  It  was one of those wedding where you sit back at some point during the night, smile, and say "Yeah! This is love!" For the... Continue Reading →

On Your Own Time

A former co-worker (in her 20s...I think) recently posted this article and commented "All my life I’ve kind of felt like I was on this “schedule” that I should be living life by and feeling like I needed to hit certain accomplishments by a certain age. I’m so glad to have gotten over that and... Continue Reading →

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