Back to School…Ugh

This time of year was typically hard for me every year for the last who knows how many years. It’s when parents proudly post their first day of school photos of their kids. Actually, this, Halloween, and Christmas. As a non-parent who wanted to be one, I always felt like Facebook was throwing it in my face that I hadn’t become a mom. I’d look at the pictures with jealousy and sadness although happy for the children and their parents.

I’m not saying don’t post pictures of your kids, they’re fun to look at and see how littles have grown into bigs. I just ask that you keep in the back of your mind all those parents who lost a child that won’t have another first day of school, whose children can’t go to school, or all the want to be parents who haven’t yet had that opportunity.

Have a wonderful, safe, and fun year!

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