Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today would have been dad’s 84th birthday. I’m not going to say I think about him everyday, because, I don’t. But, I do think about him on two occasions…

1) When I see little birds. Shortly after he left this world I was at my parents’ house and a little bird flew into the rec room. I had never seen that happen in the 40ish years previously in that house. To this day, I still haven’t seen it again. When I’m feeling frustrated, lonely, tired, or just need a pick me up, there always seems to be a little bird around.

2) When I think about how G came into our lives and that he’s finally my son! About 6 weeks after dad suddenly left us, little G showed up and I’m 100% convinced it was my dad’s doing to heal our broken hearts. I had been on the foster care emergency list to pick up babies before and not once had they called me and my parents. I don’t even know how they got my parents’ phone number! But, the day I got the call from social services about a little boy that needed to be picked up at the hospital I wasn’t able to answer the phone at that time so they called my parents house to tell them. Weird? Coincidence? Fate? Who knows but I know what I believe.

So, on your 84th birthday I wish you a very happy heavenly birthday dad! Thank you for the best early birthday present ever…G’s adoption just a few short weeks ago. I know you would adore your grandson as much as we do, and know that you keep an eye on us.

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