Two Great Podcasts About Foster to Adopt

A friend told me about these two podcasts that her friends, Matty and Jillian, did regarding their foster to adopt journey. More stories like this need to be shared because there are so many misconceptions about the foster to adopt process. Matty and Jillian so accurately describe the pain, the ups and downs, and the... Continue Reading →

Live in the Moment

Someone recently ask me when baby x would go back to his mom, and I said that I have no idea. I know that I have him for at least another few months (but not guaranteed), but beyond that, it is up in the air. She then said to me "You have to live in... Continue Reading →

Dear Hoda Kotb,

Dear Hoda, Congratulations on your second adoption. I can only imagine the amount of joy that you and Joel are now feeling. I was excited when I heard the news this morning while watching “Hoda and Jenna”. But, when Jenna and Savannah interviewed you, my heart stopped and I became angry at something that you... Continue Reading →

Does Blood Matter?

I have a ton of family that's not family at all. "Aunts", "uncles", "cousins" that have no blood relation to me. Yet, despite completely different genetics, they are family.  But does blood really matter? I've heard quite often comments around adopted children that sound like "will you love them like they are your own children?"... Continue Reading →

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