A Reflection on 2021

This was a tough adoption year...but then again, I think they all are. It's a much rougher course than I expected, was told about, and would have signed up for if I had known in January 2016 (this January starts my 7th year in this process) that it would be like this. I've been pretty... Continue Reading →

I Have No Nice Words Left

Another delay and another green social worker on little man's case. After not hearing back from the adoption social worker for 2 months, I reached out again two weeks ago. No response. I reached out again today to get an update on little man's adoption paperwork and she finally got back to me. His case... Continue Reading →

November is National Adoption Month

I wish I could say that I could celebrate National Adoption month with some exciting news, but it looks like I'll have to wait until next year. But, that's not what this post is about. You've probably gathered for all my posts, that there are many different types of adoption (open, closed, semi-open), many ways... Continue Reading →

It’s a Money Making Business

This past June, TIME wrote an article called "The Baby Brokers: Inside America‚Äôs Murky Private-Adoption Industry". I wish I could say I was surprised by it, but instead I kept finding myself saying "Yup! Uh-huh." The Utah agency mentioned in the article, yup, that's one of the many I was signed up with. Paying extra... Continue Reading →

Day 880

Today is day 880 that little man has been in foster care and day 878 with me. This afternoon I got a call from little man's attorney and she had some great news. The court has rejected the bio-mom's appeal because she has no grounds for it. A third party lawyer reviewed the case and... Continue Reading →

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