I Have No Nice Words Left

Another delay and another green social worker on little man’s case. After not hearing back from the adoption social worker for 2 months, I reached out again two weeks ago. No response. I reached out again today to get an update on little man’s adoption paperwork and she finally got back to me. His case is being transferred to a brand new rookie adoption social worker and they are “hoping that we can get your documents out to you in January.”

Let me give you some history. At the beginning of February 2021, bio-mom’s parental rights were terminated. I was told by the primary social worker that she would submit paperwork within 3 weeks and it would take 3-6 months for the adoption to be finalized. 6 months later she submitted the paperwork. I was then assigned an adoption social worker and was told it would take 3-6 months (again) for the adoption to be finalized. The adoption social worker finally met with me 2 months later (after I repeatedly reached out to her to get things moving) and she said she’d get the paperwork to me by mid-November. That then turned into December and as of today, hopefully, January.

After almost 3 years, I don’t know why I still get upset by how awful the social services system works, but I do, and this is absolutely ridiculous. I’m physically shaking I’m so upset, not to mention the tears flowing down my face. How can an organization be so… <I’ll let you fill in the blank because you don’t want me to right now!>. If I were to keep the “timelines” that some of the social workers have kept with me, I would have been fired over and over again. “Everything will be done in 3-6 months.” Almost a year later and nothing has been done.

I just don’t understand this and am so incredibly fed up, pissed off, frustrated, and baffled by the way social services is handling little man’s case. It’s disgusting what they put foster parents through yet they’re spending money on TV ads and social media ads to get more foster parents. Here’s an idea…treat foster parents properly and with respect and they’ll be the best advertising for you. Treat them like shit and well, good luck with your ads.

Two and a half years ago I called one of my social workers to let her know about a situation that was happening and to try to get a reasonable solution to fix the issue and some input as to why it was happening. When I mentioned that during foster parent training they didn’t tell you any of what I was experiencing and in fact, made it sound rather enjoyable and laughable, the social worker told me, and I quote “Calm down and do what you’re told. If we told foster parents what it really is like, we wouldn’t have any.” Enough said!

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