A Reflection on 2021

This was a tough adoption year…but then again, I think they all are. It’s a much rougher course than I expected, was told about, and would have signed up for if I had known in January 2016 (this January starts my 7th year in this process) that it would be like this.

I’ve been pretty open with the difficulties of adoption but I want to end the year on a high note. So, here are a few things I learned this year in no particular order.

  • Words (spoken and written) matter. I apparenty say “what?” to little man a lot and he has adopted it. So, we’re working on “Como, mommy?” Although it’s the same meaning, it sounds much nicer.
  • It’s okay to be thankful, blessed, and exhausted at the same time.
  • Facing forward in a car seat is life-changing and gives you a completely different perspective – as does looking to the future and not focusing on the past.
  • Rain boots were made for splashing in puddles…so go splash in some puddles.
  • Nothing is as it seems to be and it can change in a heartbeat (good or bad). Enjoy the moment.
  • Teenagers are the future and despite the slack they may get, they are responsible, mature, and a lifesaver for this single mom. Thank you to all the teenagers who have helped out this year. You know who you are and thank you!
  • The right daycare provider can make all the difference in the world.
  • A laugh a day helps. A walk a day helps more.
  • A little boy’s best friend can be a neurotic little dog.
  • This too shall pass…at some point.
  • Nothing beats time with family and friends.
  • Fight for what you passionately believe in. Leave all the other BS behind.
  • Taking it 15 minutes at a time is okay. Some days taking it day by day is too much.
  • Some days mama just needs a drink..or two.
  • It’s normal to say “This is not what I signed up for” and not be considered a bad parent.
  • Putting myself in timeout (on a daily basis) is good for all of us.
  • Headspace…Yes! Been using it for about 4 years every night and it’s a miracle sleep solution.
  • We are all just trying to figure life out and no one has it perfected.
  • You are enough. I am enough.

I wish you a happy, safe, healthy, and prosperous 2022.

As it’s meant to be!

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  1. Love this! I think I should print it and frame it and reflect on it often. Thank you. Have a wonderful 2022

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