Day 880

Today is day 880 that little man has been in foster care and day 878 with me.

This afternoon I got a call from little man’s attorney and she had some great news. The court has rejected the bio-mom’s appeal because she has no grounds for it. A third party lawyer reviewed the case and every “i” that needed to be dotted has been. Every “t” that needed to be crossed has been. So, we are officially (again) in the adoption phase. I have already been assigned an adoption social worker and paperwork is in my hands to fill out.

We still have 6 months (best case) before he’s legally part of my family, but until then, there’s comfort knowing that (please God!) there are no more setbacks. Tonight I am equally excited and equally holding my breath. I won’t fully exhale until all paperwork is signed and the picture with the judge has been taken.

Little man is doing great. He’s an avid swimmer and loves climbing and jumping off things that he shouldn’t be. He’s very much a 2 1/2 year old boy. He talks my ear off and is constantly smiling and happy. His new favorite thing to say is “<his name> happy! Mama happy! Granny happy! Uncle Brian happy! Dada (dog) happy!”

As always, thank you for your love, support, and prayers. Keep them all coming! Hopefully this Christmas will be a phenomenal one!

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  1. Sometimes miracle take longer than we expect . It’s happening God is good . 🙏💕☘️🇺🇸

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