It’s 2020!

Never did I think that when I started the adoption process in January of 2016 that I'd be entering year 5 without a baby to call my own. The entire process has been difficult and last year was one of the hardest that I've had...both personally and with the foster system. We suddenly and unexpectedly... Continue Reading →

Good Thoughts Needed!

On October 21 little man turns 8 months and it's been an amazing 8 months watching him grow, learn, love my family and friends, crawl, climb tables, swim, mimic what I do, and suck on his toes...the list can go on.  He's an absolutely amazing little boy who stole the hearts of so many...even my... Continue Reading →

Santa Clara County Strike

For the first time in 40 years, county of Santa Clara employees have gone on strike. The 12,000 county employees in the striking union include hospital and social workers, and employees in parks, law enforcement, and libraries. Given that social workers are part of the strike, I'm not yet sure how this will impact little... Continue Reading →

Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Dorian is hitting Eastern Florida now. Almost, two years to the day that Hurricane Irma did major damage to the same area. Two years ago I was supposed to be in Florida picking up my daughter but Irma blew in and all flights to Jacksonville, FL were cancelled. There was no way I could... Continue Reading →

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