February 23, 2019

February 23, 2019 I was on my way to the peninsula for an appointment when I got a call from the emergency placement team at Social Services. For some reason I decided to pick up the phone. They had a little boy that was 2 days old (for some reason I heard 2 months old…do’h!) and he needed to be picked up at the hospital within a few hours. I said yes.

A few hours later I was walking into the hospital with my mom and my purse. We found our way to the newborn unit, I buzzed in, said “I’m here to pick up a baby” and they let me in. (I swear that’s what I said. It’s almost like I said “I’d like a small combo pizza with a beer.”) I showed my i.d., they asked me a few questions, and then asked if I wanted to see the little guy. Well, yeah! That’s why I’m here right? We walked about 10 feet into a hospital room and this itty bitty squishy and wrapped up thing was in his little cart. I think I actually giggled because it then clicked on me that he was 2 days old and not 2 months old. Did I mention that he was itty bitty?

After a consultation with the doctor and getting advice on feeding, diaper changing, where to put the car seat, etc., mom and I left the hospital with a baby wrapped up in a little blanket covering his tiny diaper and the cute little pink and blue newborn hat. A baby! I left the hospital with a 2 day old baby in my arms and he was now my responsibility. How amazingly crazy is that? I walked in with my purse and my mom just a few hours previous and I was now leaving with my purse, my mom, and a 2 day old baby!!!! WHAT? Who in their right mind does that?

That was two years ago today and little man turned 2 this weekend. What an amazing, exhausting, eye opening, nervous, tiresome, and truly awesome experience the last two years have been. This little boy is my world. He’s full of energy and completely and fully wears me out every single day, but I wouldn’t give it up for the world.

Happy birthday, little man! Mama loves you to the moon and back x 1,000.

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