“I have a rubber arse”

I recently heard the phrase “I have a rubber arse” and died laughing, followed by…what? The man went on to say that he keeps getting knocked down but bounces back…every time. If you know of my adoption journey over the last 5+ years, you know that I too have a rubber arse. I’ve also worn out the first arse and am on my second or third one 🙂

What keeps me going? I think part of it is pure 100% Irish stubborness. I have always wanted to be a mom and I won’t stop until I am one. I remember being in my early 20s telling someone that I was more excited to be a mom than to be a wife. LOL. Be careful what you put out to the universe!

If there’s something you really want, go for it! Don’t stop until you get what you want and don’t let speed bumps stop you. They’ll slow you down, but keep moving forward. You may need to make a detour along the way, but keep moving forward. One step at a time is forward motion, even if it’s slow. Now go bounce on!

<that’s not me in the photo>

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