Upcoming Meeting and the Mysterious Man

Mysterious man

I realized that I haven’t written in a while so I’ll give you the update on what has happened in the last almost two months.

The first court hearing had no outcome because the mom objected to something in the written report done by the social worker. The judge ordered a mediation for the middle of November for the mom, her lawyer, the social worker’s lawyer, and little man’s lawyer. I did not participate in this meeting as it wasn’t necessary. I did though, have a conversation with a few social workers and little man’s lawyer to get an idea of what the expected outcome would be. All were in agreement that the mom’s rights would be terminated per the recommendation of the social worker.

The middle of November the mediation took place and much to my surprise and a few others, all three lawyers agreed that the mom was to be given another 6 months. Gulp! To add to this bump in the road, a male relative of hers came forward saying that he is interested in little man. I have asked for information on this mysterious man but all they can tell me is that he’s a relative and male. Super helpful! To say that I was shocked and heartbroken about this double whammie is an understatement. Both these items were completely against what I had been told for the about two months leading up to the mediation.

Next Thursday there is a meeting with a bunch of social workers, the mom, mysterious man, a mediator, and me. This mysterious man will present himself with details on why he wants little man and give us information on his life including his housing situation, work situation, and anything else that may be relevant. If at the end of the meeting he is still interested, the process to get him approved to have little man will begin.

This is where I need your thoughts, prayers, good vibes and all that good stuff. Little man has been with me for almost 10 months and is the happiest little guy around. He knows my home, knows my friends, family, relatives, and neighbors. He belongs here! So, I kindly ask that you continue to send love and good thoughts to little man and that this mysterious man doesn’t qualify.


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