Good Thoughts Needed!

Good thoughtsOn October 21 little man turns 8 months and it’s been an amazing 8 months watching him grow, learn, love my family and friends, crawl, climb tables, swim, mimic what I do, and suck on his toes…the list can go on.  He’s an absolutely amazing little boy who stole the hearts of so many…even my dog’s!

This coming week little man’s birth mom goes back to court and the judge will make a very important ruling. He can determine that the birth mom is doing great and can have little man back. He can determine that birth mom needs more time and that little man needs to stay with me for another 6 months. Or, he can determine that I can proceed with the process (it’s not an overnight thing and will take, best case, 6 months to complete) to adopt little man.

The court appearance isn’t about me and shouldn’t be about the birth mom. It needs to be about what is best for little man. Which home will guarantee that he’s not back in the foster system in a year, two years, or ever again? Which home will guarantee that he will be a productive part of society as he grows older? Which home will he thrive in?

I ask for all of your good wishes and thoughts and prayers over the next week, not for me, but for little man. I hope that the judge sees how happy he is with me, how he’s thriving, is growing and learning, is safe, is cared for, is having all his basic needs met, and is loved by more people than I thought I even knew.

Much love and as it’s meant to be!



2 thoughts on “Good Thoughts Needed!

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  1. My positive thoughts are going to the little man. My heart knows where he will be the most successful. Love you.

  2. Little man has certainly captured my heart as well. Sending you and little man all my positive energy, prayers and love and light to continue on the journey with you …❤🌻

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