Live in the Moment

Right nowSomeone recently ask me when baby x would go back to his mom, and I said that I have no idea. I know that I have him for at least another few months (but not guaranteed), but beyond that, it is up in the air. She then said to me “You have to live in the moment, don’t you?” I never thought about it, but yes.

Since December I have pretty much been living in the moment and, for a planner like me, that’s hard to do. But, it’s very rewarding. I have stopped planning, guessing, and trying to control what will happen. Instead, I’m enjoying every minute of every day, every smile, every bottle feed in the early morning, every little milestone reached.

But is this “living int he moment” something that only foster parents or adoptive parents should be doing? Absolutely not. Why don’t we all live in the moment? Enjoy the conversations you have with real people face to face, enjoy the taste of your food, enjoy every rain drop (even if it is pouring in the middle of May in California), enjoy the little things. We miss out so much in life by waiting for the next best thing or spending a ton of time on social media seeing what others are doing and sometimes comparing ourselves to them. We rarely stop, breathe and take it all in and are grateful for what we have. We never know when we or those we love will be gone. This week I challenge you to once a day, stop, breathe, and take each amazing moment in.

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