Two Great Podcasts About Foster to Adopt

PodcastA friend told me about these two podcasts that her friends, Matty and Jillian, did regarding their foster to adopt journey. More stories like this need to be shared because there are so many misconceptions about the foster to adopt process.

Matty and Jillian so accurately describe the pain, the ups and downs, and the joys of the foster process. The podcast called “This is It” goes into the details of the struggles. As Jillian states (not her exact words) in Jillian Mitchell: Foster Adoption and Finding Your Family, we need to start putting the child at the forefront and not the birth parent. In my words, yes! We need to put the children first, even if it means parental reunification doesn’t happen.

Here are the two podcasts. Enjoy and thank you AM for sending these to me.


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