Baby T

baby girl

I spent Saturday with friends whom I adore. Totally awesome, laid back, cool, fun…just awesome people! I was at their wedding five years ago and it was nothing but love.  It  was one of those wedding where you sit back at some point during the night, smile, and say “Yeah! This is love!”

For the last 3+ years they struggled with getting pregnant. We’d talk on the phone and share stories of “ugh!” and “grrr” and “Holy cow! This is it!” Although they were trying to get pregnant and I trying to adopt, we understood each other and shared empathy, not just sympathy.  They were trying, I was trying. They had highs, I had highs. They had lows, I had lows.

Yesterday I visited them because I became an aunt again a month ago. They had a beautiful little girl and auntie Maeve was anxious to get her cuddles and kisses in with this tiny little peanut.

As I drove home from their house, I realized how much I have healed over the last few months. I can now talk about the three failed adoptions over 8 months without crying. I can be happy for (most) people who I have since found out are pregnant or who have had babies (and boy does it seem like a lot). I believe that my tone has changed as has my attitude about adoption. I’m good where I am and it feels…good.

After spending time with baby T this weekend, I know it will happen. I do believe that the perfect baby/babies are out there or will soon be out there. Rome wasn’t built in a day and if everything in life was easy and there were no struggles, we wouldn’t fully appreciate the good stuff.

Baby T took a while to get here, but I think her parents will agree that she was 100% worth the wait!

(the photo in this blog is not baby T)


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