On Your Own Time


A former co-worker (in her 20s…I think) recently posted this article and commented “All my life I’ve kind of felt like I was on this “schedule” that I should be living life by and feeling like I needed to hit certain accomplishments by a certain age. I’m so glad to have gotten over that and finally living life on my own time!” First of all, cheers to you Natalie for figuring that out so young and secondly…amen sister!

I spent pretty much the first 40 years of my life (at different ages) quietly saying to myself…Why am I not married?  Why have I never been married? Why am I not a VP? Why do I have no children?…blah blah blah.

The last 5 or so years have been very eye opening to me where I’ve finally come around to being able to say, “I’m not everyone! I’ve pretty much done my own thing so screw what society says I’m supposed to do.”

I’m 45 and completely self sufficient and to say independent would be an understatement. I’m 45, have never been married, have no children, am not a VP.  I’m 45 and love being independent, own two houses in the Bay Area (by myself), am looking to adopt as a single person, and I’m CEO, President and Founder of MKN Consulting Group which from 1 week has exploded  into more than I could have imagined or hoped for.  I’m 45 and the best I’ve ever been.

By no means am I bashing those who got married in their 20s, those who have children, those who are VPs… We all have different paths and like our fingerprints, that’s totally normal and okay.

Don’t follow any timeline for your life…make your own timeline.  Do what’s right for you and always remember to be you because no one else does you better!

Here’s the article again. “Do Life On Your Own Time” from Thought Catalog.

Thanks, Natalie for sharing this article and Nashville better watch out! 🙂


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