The Toilet

The toilet…it’s a whole new world for little man. No, he’s not potty training, yet he’s finding everything possible to put in it. Over the last few days he’s tried to see if snacks float in the toilet, he’s tried to see if glasses help you see better once they’ve been submerged in toilet water, he’s seen if a teddy bear is more cuddly once dunked in toilet water, and if a thermometer still works after a good soak. Thankfully the local Home Depot has toilet seat locks that are easily attached to the loo.

Over the last 2 months or so since he’s started to walk, I haven’t been able to sit on one without him finding me. He must have a radar that alerts him when mama sits down on one. The other day I tried to trick him and used the second bathroom at mom’s house…nope, the radar went off and he was right there (granted he checked the first bathroom first).

Then you have the toilet paper issue. Who would have thunk that spinning it and watching it gracefully flow off the roll would be so much fun? Apparently a one and a half year old.

Gone are the days of peaceful toilet “escapes”. If it’s not for the dog at my feet asking for a pet as soon as my pants hit the floor, it’s little man figuring out how far he can run with toilet paper in his hand yet still attached to the roll.

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