A Year and a Half

18 months image

Little man is already a year and a half and it’s been amazing to see how much he has grown. He is no longer a little baby. He’s now a very determined, vocal, and energetic little boy.

The world seems to be turning upside down and right way up and then upside down again on pretty much a weekly basis for the last five months and I’m quickly reminded of how fortunate we both are. He came into my life at a time of unbelievable loss and sadness and has brought so much happiness and so many smiles to my family.

As I reflect on his growth over the last five months since we’ve been in pretty much lock-down due to COVID, I’m thankful for the obstacles we don’t have to worry about.

He is now walking without hesitation while so many in the Bay Area are walking away from their homes due to the hundreds of wildfires engulfing the state.

He is now talking (and talking and talking) while so many people can’t talk to the ones they love because of COVID and have to resort to holding signs up outside of hospitals and nursing homes to say “I love you” or “Happy birthday!”

He is in daycare with little friends and two great caretakers who are keeping him safe, happy, and smiling while so many teachers and parents are struggling with at home learning.

He is the unofficial mayor of the neighborhood with so many people stopping to say hi to him when we’re out for a walk while so many others are ignored or are assumed guilty of a crime they may not have committed…just because of their skin color.

He is obsessed with water and swimming while so many people are drowning in debt because of lost jobs.

He loves to read (and sometimes eat) books while others ignore their biases and refuse to educate themselves or even try to understand the views of others.

He eats and eats and eats and eats everything while local food banks are struggling to keep up with the current demand.

He finds a way to successfully climb on anything he can while so many are being pushed down because of their race, sex, religion, or sexual identity.

Sure my house looks like a tornado hit it on a daily basis, but I love it. He has soooooo much energy and it’s exhausting but I couldn’t be happier. It’s times like these that we have to make the best out of the little things because they are not so little to others.






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