Does Blood Matter?

familyI have a ton of family that’s not family at all. “Aunts”, “uncles”, “cousins” that have no blood relation to me. Yet, despite completely different genetics, they are family.  But does blood really matter?

I’ve heard quite often comments around adopted children that sound like “will you love them like they are your own children?” “What if you don’t love them?” Genuine questions asked with no malice and no harm.  To answer them, I always say “yes!”  And not only will I love them, but my family will love them…my blood family and my non blood family.

I have nothing to compare adopted love to as I don’t have biological children. But, I’ve been lucky to have three foster children in my care and yes, I love them and care(d) for them as if they were/are my own. I watch them sleep peacefully as I would my own biological children. I talk to them (even though they may not be able to respond) about what they want to be when they grow up…doctors, lawyers, teachers, CEOs…as I would my own biological children. I dance with them, play with them, and give them all the love I have as I would my own biological children.

So no, family isn’t only blood. Family is what you make of it!




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