Target (OH part 5)

I got a little bit of sleep, but not a lot. And, the only reason I got sleep was because of the beer.  I didn’t drink as much as I thought I would, but I found out that apparently white women don’t go into 7-Eleven’s and buy a double sized can of Bud Light. Got a few looks but I didn’t care.

Last night I was able to book my flight home and purposely didn’t book an early one.  I wanted to sleep in (if I could) and I knew that I had to return the rental car and…the car seat I had bought the day before so that I could bring my son home.  Ugh!

These are the little details people forget to/don’t mention when an adoption doesn’t go through. I knew that I couldn’t leave a hospital with a newborn without a car seat. That’s why I bought one yesterday.  Returning it felt like I was the baseball player who stands at home base, points to left field before he bats and then strikes out. It’s embarrassing, shocking and humiliating.

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