8:01am, Saturday April 14th (OH part 2)

I love Saturday mornings. Despite the dog waking me up at about 6:30am to go outside because she has to pee (which she rarely does, she just likes to  pretend that she does and then sits on the steps outside my bedroom door), I like to lounge around and slowly get out of bed.  Sometimes I’ll read, sometimes check Facebook, other times listen to the birds chirp away.

This Saturday a few weeks back was different.  The phone rang at 8:01am.  It call was coming from Salt Lake City (where my adoption agency is located) and I answered.  “Maeve, this is <name>.  Not sure if you saw my email this morning but J is in labor and the doctor has admitted her to the hospital. You need to get to OH as soon as you can.”

OMG.  OMFG. OMG.  My heart is pounding. This is actually happening!  This is THE call! I’m going to be a mom soon, really really soon.  I send a quick text to my sister, mom, and best friend to let them know that J is in labor and I need to get a flight as soon as I could.

Fortunately I’m able to find a flight that left in a few hours and so I have time to throw together clothes for a month, the baby clothes I had picked up, a blanket, a pacifier and a few other things I might need.  I’ll deal with the hotel and car when I get there.

I call Uber, and before I know it, I’m heading to SJC to catch a flight to OH to pick up my baby boy.  I’m taking really deep breaths and I’m sure the people around me either think I’m about to go into labor or that I’m hungover – it is Saturday morning. For the record, I had nothing to drink last night so those two options are not options at all.

After what feels like six weeks on a plane, I finally land in OH, get my rental car and head to the hotel.  I’m not supposed to check in until Monday, but I’m taking a chance that I’ll get in tonight and tomorrow.  When I get to the registration counter at the hotel, I mention to the ladies behind the counter that the little guy decided to show up early, I’m adopting and that I need a room for tonight and tomorrow.  All good except that the hotel is sold out for the weekend.  Oh shit!  “Are there any other hotels near by?” “No. But let me see what I can do.”  A few minutes later (after the two ladies told other guests that they were sold out for the weekend) one of the ladies said she found me a room.  Whew!  This is off to a great start and the weekend is going to be fantastic.

I check into my room. Unpack a few things. Smile at the cute little blue baby boy clothes I picked up and carefully folded into Ziploc bags, feel the soft grey “My mommy loves me” blanket that I brought and head down to the hotel restaurant for dinner. It’s 9pm in OH but I’m still on CA time.

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