Home Visit…Completed!!!!

Am very excited tonight.  I had my home visit this morning and I was told by my counselor that she is recommending me for adoption. I didn’t think she wouldn’t recommend me but am very excited that a major milestone was completed today.  I hope to be “live” in the next 3-4 weeks as I’m just waiting on my counselor to write up my home study report and I have to finalize my letter.  It’s currently in review, with the pictures, with my design.

Had lunch today with some girlfriends and the topic of having children came up and it was so hard to stay quiet and not say anything – especially knowing that my home visit had just been completed a few hours before. Until I go “live” only a few folks know.  My dad said to me yesterday “I can’t wait until I can talk about this.”

Feels good to get through this first process so quickly – did orientation only three weeks ago – so that I can go “live” as soon as possible.

Happy first day of spring – a time for change and new beginnings 🙂


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