The First Real Conversation

I was at the airport on Wednesday and called my best friend just to say hi and see how life was treating her and her family.  Little did I know that I would tell her about my plans.  She had asked me how I was doing and I told her that I had been very emotional the past week.  She asked why and I said I would tell her later – the worst thing you can tell someone!  So in the middle of the airport I divulged my plan and boy did it feel good!

We talked about my expectations, fears, what to expect, the process, questions I have and how to tell others. More importantly, she gave me the support I was hoping she would.  I knew that she would be supportive because we had talked about the possibility of me adopting a few times before, but never seriously enough with an actual plan in place.

She understood my need for taking  time to tell people and to tell specific people first – the ones that I think will be the most receptive.  She gave me good advice on what to do when people react negatively and maybe reasons why they would react in such a way.  They might just be nervous for me or maybe have fears of their own that have nothing to do with me. She was a great ear for me and exactly what I needed. 

Although my journey has just started, it is still very emotional for me and it felt good to verbalize how I was feeling and get validated.  I know that not everyone is going to be supportive and that’s okay.

So, thank you buddy!  Thank you for the ear, thank you for understanding the process, thank you for being the perfect first person to let it all out to.

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