I’ve Got a Secret :-)

secretVillage, I am happy to announce that I have been approved to be a foster parent in my county!!!!!!!!! It was a very long process of classes, paperwork, interviews, a homestudy, and more, but I’m now officially approved to do foster care. It took 7 months, but I’m very happy to have this new chapter, I seem to have a lot of chapters, started. No great novel was written in one chapter…right?!  🙂

I started the foster process the day after I got home from my failed private adoption in Cleveland in April. It just wasn’t the right time and the agency I was working with wasn’t a good fit for me. After my dissatisfaction with them, I started to relook at county foster to adopt program. (I went to a county foster to adopt informational meeting last November)

I have a few friends that have successfully adopted through the county and they have beautiful children now. And, I’m fortunate to have a close friend going through the same process now. It’s great to have an amazing support system like you all, but it’s even better when it includes friends who have been there and done that!

I can’t say thank you enough to all of you for your continued support and love. And of course, there are so many folks who have been with me on this journey from day one explaining to agency workers and social workers why I’d be a good parent and listening when I just needed to vent.

Getting approved is only one step and there’s no timeline for moving forward and getting a placement. I could get one placement or I could get 10 before I’m able to adopt the child(ren). It could take 6 months or 16 months. No one knows.

I’ll continue to write about private adoption and will start to write about foster in the coming months as I learn new things.

Much love to you all and the all the children who need us.

As it’s meant to be!



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